Jos Schrier started as a Senior Consultant for the Siemens product NECAS, a dealer management system for large car dealerships. More than 2,000 operations used NECAS for the automation of their business. Auto+, a customized version of NECAS for smaller and medium-sized businesses, was released in the same year.


Audev went into partnership with BASIS International, with BASIS acquiring 50% shareholding. BASIS is the producer of the software environment BBj, with which CarIT is in development.


Jos Schrier founded Audev BV in The Netherlands. The first Audev product was SalesPro for DOS, which enabled around 1,000 car dealerships to organize their marketing activities.


The Ford dealers association gave CarIT the ultimate recommendation as it backed the CRM system for all its dealerships. High praise indeed as Ford declares ‘CarIT is the system with the best functionality’, and goes on to use the system in around 30,000 workshop workflows per year.


SalesPro for Windows was released and introduced in around 2,000 car dealerships in Europe, America and Asia. In the same year, Audev launched CarConfig, which reached at least 500 car dealerships.


Audev flies the flag by delivering the widely acclaimed CarIT Version 15 – which marks a quantum leap in the development of the product, as well as the history of the company. The new system puts the customer firmly at the heart of the operation as it uniquely combines the advantages of a process-oriented ERP with a bespoke solution for every car dealership. Five thousand dealerships in The Netherlands and Germany are so far using the new software, with many, many more in the pipeline.


Audev acknowledges the growing importance of customer relationship management in car dealerships by integrating CRM firmly at the heart of CarIT.