Good data management is vital to best manage the relationship between the customer and the dealer.

Jaguar Land Rover Benelux, active in the very highest luxury sector, is an important customer for our partner Axians (formerly VCD Automotive), and has worked with CarIT successfully for many years. Jaguar Land Rover Benelux supports approximately 80 dealers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg from its location in Beesd. It has ambitious plans for the coming years, supported by its internal program ‘Jaguar Land Rover Way of Working’, and it can rely on the very best data management from CarIT to help deliver this.
Jaguar Land Rover Benelux

CarIT offers us a number of compelling features.

Four large market-leading and renowned Fiat dealers, part of the POLT group, have switched from their old dealer management systems to CarIT with Axians (formerly VCD Automotive). Making the move are Autobedrijf Lennaerts, Jelle Talsma BV, Preuninger and Autobedrijf Otten. And already they’re up and running successfully with the new system. Bart Lennaerts, Director of Autobedrijf Lennaerts, said: “Axians (formerly VCD Automotive) has a real head start on the competition with CarIT.
Autobedrijf Lennaerts

The KPI Dashboard enables us to work with actual figures.

Autobedrijf van Dorst is a Toyota, Lexus and Suzuki dealership, with 11 branches in various locations in west and mid-Brabant. Within the automotive industry, this company is known as a successful and progressive user of business intelligence. Peter Smits, Director of Toyota at Autobedrijf van Dorst, said: “Due to our size and our narrow margins, our company maintains a sharp focus on our figures on a daily basis. The KPI Dashboard QlikView features provides us with all we need to do this.
Autobedrijf van Dorst

CarIT convinced us with its brand-specific links and interfaces with importers - and with its enormous flexibility.

Vireo Auto is a part of the Stern Group, and has four branches; Amersfoort (Alfa Romeo), Bussum (Alfa Romeo and Lancia), Houten (Alfa Romeo and Abarth), and Purmerend (Alfa Romeo and Lancia). Vireo has been an enthusiastic user of CarIT since 2007. Richard Moeliker is the IT manager for the Stern Group. He said: “"Our professional and commercial effectiveness has improved enormously since we’ve been using CarIT.
Stern Beheer

A personal customer relationship is crucial for Louwman Exclusive.

Louwman Exclusive works with its own colleagues within the Louwman Group as well as with CarIT from Axians (formerly VCD Automotive). A spokesman for Louwman said: “I make no secret of the fact that our requirements are slightly different from the other companies within the Louwman Group. Our requirements demand that we maintain a very personal relationship with our customers. With CarIT we can rest assured that we have the very best system for good customer relationships in place."
Louwman Exclusive