The management team at Audev has been strongly connected to the automotive software branch since the pioneering days. Most of the developers, consultants and support staff have worked their entire careers with suppliers of automotive software at dealerships and/or manufacturers, including Opel, Ford and Mercedes. All this experience is now used to make CarIT the best dealer management system that it can possibly be.


Audev has developed the brand leader CarIT exclusively for the automotive industry. More than 20 developers from The Netherlands, Germany, India and the USA are responsible for creating and maintaining the software that helps drive so many dealerships around the world.

Consolidation and Training

We are entirely customer-focused; we listen carefully to our customers, encourage their feedback, and we make sure their priorities become our priorities too. Our experience in the industry goes back decades – collectively, we have unparalleled experience in all sectors of the automotive software industry. And that is passed on to you, whether you’re a small dealership or a large multi-brand operation.
We train your employees in-house or on-site, so you’re ready to go with CarIT as quickly as possible.

Nico Spence

Position: CEO of BASIS International

Nico Spence is CEO of Audev’s global partner BASIS International, and brings more than 20 years of management experience to the company. In the 1980s he founded software development company Business & Design Software in South Africa, which he sold in 1999. Nico Spence completed his Bachelor’s in computer science at the University of Cape Town.