CarIT@COMMUNICATOR - Keep in touch with your customers

The CarIT@Communicator makes communication with your customers comfortable, fast and cost- effective, and as such, is the best investment your company can make.

Fully Integrated

The CarIT@Communicator is an integral part of the system, and can be called directly from any customer-linked program.

One system for all communication channels

The CarIT@Communicator is basically an SMS and E-mail module, but actually so much more!

Depending on the preference of the customer, your employees can make contact via SMS or E-mail for all manner of appointments or contacts; from arranging a service to recalling a car or even offering a car for sale – one system fits all requirements.

All incoming and outgoing messages are automatically recorded, archived and stored as contact reports on the database.


Even making a simple appointment, the CarIT@Communicator goes one step further.

One click at the end of the process ensures your customer will receive confirmation of his appointment as a calendar entry in Outlook and on his smartphone. And just before the appointment, he will receive an SMS reminder or E-mail confirmation.
Better customer focus doesn’t exist!

Privacy Check

A customer’s privacy requirements are fully respected, of course. No SMS’s or E-mails will be sent unless the customer has consented in the privacy declaration.

Promote faster and cheaper communication

The CarIT@Communicator can significantly reduce your postal costs in direct marketing.

Each address selection is checked in advance by the CarIT@Communicator, and if the conditions are met (E-mail address available, contact permitted), a covering letter will be sent by E-mail to your customers. The remainder of your customers will receive a letter in the post.
In all cases, CarIT automatically creates contact reports.

Internal trigger alarms

Your internal processes benefit too from the CarIT@Communicator.

The CarIT@Communicator can warn responsible employees when certain processes are not fulfilled on time, by, for example, the delayed delivery of a vehicle, or a disrupted process in the workshop.

The thresholds for these warning levels can be defined together with an Audev consultant in accordance with the individual requirements of your company.

The CarIT@Communicator at a Glance:
  • - SMS / E-mail to your customers and prospects
  • - Automatic contact reports arising from SMS / E-mail
  • - E-mail as confirmation of dates with entry to the calendar of your customers
  • - Predefined SMS / E-mails ensure standardized, high-quality communications
  • - Reduction of postal and telephone costs
  • - Automatic reminders of the workshop planning
  • - Automated Delivery of direct mail, for example, from the Tire Manager