The selection and maintenance of wheels and tires is a vital part of a car’s care package. And for your dealership, it’s an important source of revenue. Schedule this maintenance in the CarIT module Tire Hotel.

Effective planning

Effective planning starts with targeted seasonal appointments. Which tires need to be replaced, and when? Thanks to the optimized ordering system you can make informed decisions about stock replacement, and avoid tying up too much capital in your tire warehouse. And ensure that the correct tires are available in the right place at the right time, so avoid customers waiting unnecessarily at the workshop.

Improved customer service

The Tire Hotel module of CarIT gives you so many more sales opportunities. Build a campaign around seasonal tire changes, for example. Why not launch a direct marketing campaign and invite your customers by letter, SMS or E-mail for a tire change? Make sure add-on services are available at the same time, like rim repair, wheel alignment, and Winter packages (roof racks, roof boxes, etc).

  • - Full integration with the rest of the CarIT package
  • - The embedded wheels are clearly visible in order processing. Changes can be detected immediately and will be scheduled
  • - The Tire Hotel module is fully integrated with the direct mail process
  • - Detection of add-on accessories such as wheels / tires, summer tires, winter tires, roof racks, roof boxes, etc
  • - Allows for effective storage area management, with no unnecessary additional costs
  • - Professional storage bills are printed directly to the workshop invoice (Integration between Tire Hotel and workshop management)
  • - Mandatory labelling of the wheels according to the EU Directive, with regard to fuel efficiency, and wet grip, for example
  • - When buying new or resale vehicles, all business transactions around tire management can be recorded efficiently, like inventory changes and changes of ownership