Vehicle delivery is a critically important moment for both the customer as well as the dealership. Don’t leave anything to chance!

The delivery of the vehicle to the customer is one of the most complex processes in the dealership, in which all departments, and all processes - planning, sales, accounting, service and parts – must come together perfectly.

All cogs must mesh seamlessly, ensuring that your customer keeps the experience of collecting his new vehicle as a pleasant memory, enhancing the value of your dealership at the same time.

The CarIT Car Sales Workflow module is designed to ensure this process works like clockwork – that the right car is delivered to the right specifications for the right customer at the right place at the right time.

The benefits at a glance:
  • - Shorter lead times from delivery at the dealership to delivery at the customer
  • - Avoid interim financing and interest costs
  • - All necessary resources and documentation (service department, registration documents, vehicle registration, etc. will be requested and provided in good time


Avoid financial failures and unplanned expenses
  • - The planned sales promotions are controlled, monitored and properly financed
  • - The receipt of special lease payments is monitored
  • - Contracts are properly monitored
  • - All preparations are scheduled


Increase customer satisfaction
  • - Everyone involved is informed about planned deliveries
  • - Delays to the delivery are notified to everyone involved immediately
  • - Special preparations are managed in time for the delivery date