Optimize your workshop capacity - for maximum customer satisfaction.

The capacity maintenance module of CarIT ensures the most cost-effective approach to scheduling appointments

With careful and bespoke planning, all a customer's needs are met and high levels of satisfaction are guaranteed.

All important information is recorded at the first customer contact and remains on the customer record, from the most important information down to the smallest detail. What's his preferred replacement car, how does he want to be addressed, and by whom? All information is stored centrally for maximum efficiency.

Resource planning at a glance

Another advantage of the scheduling in CarIT is the simple overview of resources, across one or more locations. At a glance can be seen what's being used and where, by whom, and what the status is. This assures fast and effective decision making.

And, so long as the necessary user rights are in place, you can make cross-location planning (eg for an independent body and paint centre).

Flexible Appointment Making

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed regardless of who has arranged the appointment

CarIT brings all the necessary processes together under one umbrella so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed - regardless of who has the initial contact with the customer. From the ordering and re-ordering of parts from manufacturers, to replacement vehicle planning, from tire registration to e-communication; all systems become integrated and seamless.

Rest assured that you’ll be completely ready for your customer’s service needs with all necessary parts available in time, thanks to a system of parameter alerts.

And maximize your sales opportunities by making sure you you don't miss the chance to present the customer with timely reminders of promotions.