Customer Relationship Management is a management strategy that places the customer at the centre of all processes. Create with CarIT long-term, revenue-generating customer relationships.

Audev CarIT is tailored for the demands of modern automotive trade. Under a single, intuitive interface CarIT consolidates all customer and vehicle information in an integrated database that is constantly synchronized with the DMS system. The optimal data quality under one software roof allows comfortable and targeted customer dialogue.

Lead management in the digital age

Around 30% of all contacts in the dealership now come from digital sources and this is growing fast.

Use CarIT to keep track of your customers with the maximum of efficiency and the minimum of effort. All contacts, regardless of how they were made and where they came from, are brought together under one user interface for processing. Never lose another lead!

Communicate easily and efficiently

Make sure your customer contact details satisfy the needs of the customer and Data Protection laws. You can do this with confidence with the CarIT@Communicator. Your customer will be given timely reminders, via letter, E-mail, or SMS, of his appointments at your dealership or workshop. Make sure you never miss another opportunity – keep your customers satisfied and maximize your profits at the same time.

Transparent processes

Set parameters to ensure that each process or transaction is tailor-made for that customer’s specific needs. And when a process deviates from the required path, a traffic light system puts you back on track. This is no ‘one size fits all’ operation!

Performance-based sales management

Fully integrated management information. With this fully integrated Dealer Management System, management information is only ever a mouse click away. Drill down on costs and revenues per lead, per customer, per salesman, per distributor, and so on. Check on the smallest detail, to maximize every business opportunity. With CarIT DMS, you’re firmly in control.



Manage My Account

  • - Marketing database with information about prospects, customers, vehicles and contacts
  • - Tools for target group selection and audience segmentation
  • - Shortcut to MS Office for letters, statistics and graphical reports
  • - Contact planning – manual and automatic
  • - Contact strategy
  • - Integration in CarIT DMS


Targeted Customers

  • - A 360 degree view ensures the right customers are targeted with the right offers
  • - Centrally controlled direct marketing campaigns
  • - Schedule on desktop and smartphone via Gmail integration
  • - Contact planning
  • - Contact reports
  • - Task summaries
  • - Event reminder
  • - To-do lists
  • - Traffic-light reminder system


Manage Vehicles

  • - Deals
  • - Sales contracts
  • - Efficient administration of stock cars and customer cars
  • - Vehicle rating


Sales Management

  • Know what’s going on right across the board – have a bird’s eye view of all parts of the business
  • - Customize process modelling
  • - Customer satisfaction analysis
  • - Plan marketing activities strategically
  • - Place cross-selling packages
  • - Quality analysis of customer data